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The Dangers of Driving while Using Your Cell Phone

More and more reports have been surfacing that reveal the true hazards of using your cell phone while driving. These devices divert your attention from the road for dangerously long periods of time, from the moment you decide to dial a friend to the time when you hang up. Even worse than talking on your phone while driving is checking or sending text messages. Engaging yourself in these activities can draw your attention for a long enough period of time to result in a devastating collision with other vehicles, cyclists, or even pedestrians.

How Cell Phone Use Compromises Your Driving Ability

According to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, a group that performed an extensive research study on how using your cell phone affects your driving, 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries every year result from cellular telephone distraction. When compared to those who drive sans cell phone, mobile phone users are:

  • 17% slower to return to normal speed after braking
  • 12% slower to react when traffic in front of them slows down
  • In some cases, more dangerous than legally intoxicated drivers

The study also discovered that hands-free phone users are distracted and more likely to be involved in an accident. It should also be noted that these finding only apply to those who talk on their cell phones. Texting can be even more dangerous because looking at the screen of the phone is necessary to complete this activity.

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